D.  Lammie-Hanson

Artist + D. Lammie-Hanson

As an artist, I believe everyone has a story that we don't normally comprehend at first glance. I paint my subjects from the quietness of their soul. Most times it's a reflection of my own soul landing onto the material. I collect hundreds of images and as I create my textural backgrounds, I sort out what I'm going to bring forth. This process is intermittent and timely. It could take hours, days, months or even years for me to complete a painting based on mood, the image and the release within my mind and soul.

I have three series that I work on simultaneously and sometimes fusing two or three series together.
"The One Eyed Tulips" consisting of the subject(s) having one eye and two lips. This series is based on the perception what the subject is versus the value of the truth of the subject's story.

"The Beauty Beyond the Brown Paper Bag Test" series is based on the African American historical symbolism of the utilization of the brown paper bag. It was used in the practice of skin color discrimination in the African-American communities in the deep southern states of the US especially in the state of Louisiana. The brown paper bag was use like an identification card to gain access to parties, some churches, some fraternities and sororities, nightclubs etc. If a person was darker than the brown paper bag that was placed at the entrance of the place or event then that person was denied access.

"The Transcedence" series is a series that is incorporating the value of the human soul growing and evolving into a higher being of magnificence. To know that there is a better consciousness of self.

Brief Bio

Lammie is a self taught artist based in New Orleans, LA. She has exhibited with the United Nations,Geneva’s Palais des Nations in Geneva and have had solo shows in NYC, Berlin, Germany, Atlanta GA and New Orleans, LA. She was the artist of the year for Brooklyn Academy of Music's, BAM DanceAfrica 2007 in Brooklyn, NY and have shown with the NYC Health and Hospitals Art collection with three of her photographs in their permanent collection. She has participated in both the National Black Fine Arts Show in NYC and the National Black Arts Festival in Atlanta GA. My artwork has appeared on episodes of "Love and Hip Hop NYC".

She is also the co-founder of the non-profit community artists’ organization, South of the Navy Yard Artists, Inc. which is based in Brooklyn. Since moving to New Orleans, Lammie has shown with the Jazz and Heritage Foundation Gallery with the Women's Caucus of Arts (Louisiana Chapter) 'Femme Fest' and with the New Orleans' African American Museum "Pop-Up show. She has also exhibited at the Contemporary Arts Center, the Arts Council of New Orleans, Ashe Cultural Arts Center and the George and Leah McKenna Museum of African American Art.



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French Quarter
Connie Kittok Painting
Connie Kittok
"Violet Blue" homage to Billy Strayhorn
George McClements Painting
George McClements
Lee "Scratch" Perry - autographed by LSP
Jeff Morgan Painting
Jeff Morgan
Pineapple 52
Drew Cooke Mixed Media / Painting
Drew Cooke
Bio City World Map
Nurhan Gokturk Illustration / Painting
Nurhan Gokturk
Foundations #1
Tony Hollums Painting
Tony Hollums
Road to Dharamsala
Louise Guidry Encaustic / Monotype / Painting / Printmaking
Louise Guidry
The Only Hill on Chartres
Sarah Nelson Sarah Nelson Fine Art
Sarah Nelson
New Dress
Alexandra Kilburn Illustration / Painting
Alexandra  Kilburn
No Way Out But Through
Sean Randall Painting
Sean Randall
Lesser Evil
Gabriel Flores New Orleans Paint and Design
Painting / Street Art
Gabriel Flores
Print - "Butts"
Kersey Barrett-Tormey Painting / Drawing
Kersey Barrett-Tormey
Really Bad Night Out
Leroy Miranda Jr. Painting
Leroy Miranda Jr.
Ascension Original Framed Painting
Nancy Wolfe Kimberly Gator Girl Art
Folk / Outsider Art / Mixed Media / Painting
Nancy Wolfe Kimberly
Daya Naef Illustration / Mixed Media / Painting
Daya Naef
Kate Hanrahan Illustration / Mixed Media / Painting
Kate Hanrahan
Flying Fish I
George Dolgy Painting
George Dolgy
Moon River
Anne Blenker Painting
Anne Blenker
The Immortal
Leeaux 3 Illustration / Painting
Leeaux 3
Adorned One
Lori Sperier Mixed Media / Painting
Lori Sperier
Pidgeontown Steppers
Stephanie Reed Painting
Stephanie Reed
Notable Increase Reception
Patty West Elstrott Painting
Patty West Elstrott
Meghan Methe Painting
Meghan Methe
Saegan Swanson Painting
Saegan Swanson
Dancing Ground
Connor McManus Mixed Media / Painting
Connor McManus
The Bluesman
Keith Eccles Keith Eccles Illustration & Design Studio, LLC
Keith Eccles
Universal Woman
Jamar Pierre Art by J. Pierre
Jamar Pierre
Blow Pop
Jessica Strahan JHand Paints
Jessica Strahan
Neighborhood Committee
Ember Soberman Painting / Mixed Media
Ember Soberman
Bayou Maharajah (Limited Edition Print)
Cheryl Anne Grace Painting
Cheryl Anne Grace
Sunset Over the Mountains
Therese Baldo Painting
Therese Baldo
Jean Lafitte
Debbie Boyd Painting
Debbie Boyd
Lionel Milton Elleone
Painting / Street Art
Lionel Milton
Star Struck
Mike Williamson Painting
Mike  Williamson
Kel Mur Kel Mur Art
Mixed Media / Painting / Photography
Kel Mur
Pizazz and All That Jazz
Darlene Langendonk Art Impressions
Darlene Langendonk
Infinite Sadness
Jeremy Paten Mixed Media / Painting
Jeremy Paten
Splendid I
Kris Muntan Painting
Kris Muntan
Shotgun in Treme
Hope Parker Queen Hope Poetic Art
Hope  Parker
Devin DeWulf Folk / Outsider Art / Painting / Photography
Devin DeWulf

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