Michael Biros

Artist + Michael Biros

The relationship between landscapes and structures fascinates me. My goal is to visually communicate the interconnectedness of the environment, the natural landscape, structures, infrastructure, and the viewer. A strong theme throughout my work is an awareness of illusionistic space that incorporates the viewer’s perspective into the architecture/environment dialogue. Through the exaggerated use of diminishing perspective, varying line and edge definition, and the intense representation of light and shadow, I create spaces that allow the viewer to wander through.

By portraying infrastructure, structures, and landscapes, I examine the paradoxical struggle between nature and civilization. Nature is inherently wild and entropic, yet we expend so much energy into forcing it into submission, marginalizing it, and ultimately, separating it from us. This is especially true and relevant to southeast Louisiana where the taming of the Mississippi River threatens the wetlands that support and protect the entire area. In my work, I reveal how the dichotomy between man and nature is a constructed fallacy. In showing how manmade structures are subject to and exist within the environment and not separate from it, my work addresses a key concept in deep ecology--that there is no real separation between the human and the non-human realms.

I want my work to raise ecological questions and break the preconceived boundaries between the environment and architecture: Where does the environment end and the landscape or the architecture begin? What is the viewer's relationship to architecture and the environment?

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Michael Biros is a New Orleans artist living and working in the Bywater neighborhood.



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