Cora Rose Nimtz

Artist + Cora Rose Nimtz

I am a southern mutt, growing up between Georgia, Florida, Alabama, and finally attending college at LSU for my undergraduate in anthropology and history. After spending a year in China teaching and studying calligraphy, I have come back to the South to make New Orleans my home. I have been creating art my whole life, but my relationship with my craft intensified after living abroad. The solitude of being alone in a foreign country, the colors and vivid images of Guangzhou China, and the discipline I learned studying calligraphy inspired me to hone my craft as a way to express myself to the people back home.

As an artist I am interested in the political, often finding solace and strength in the community I am surrounded by. A lot of my political art attempts to bring the abstract political ideals and give them the pulse of the individual. When my work doesn’t have an outright political theme, it is informed by the worlds of dreams and the past.  In those spaces I explore the hazy lines of what is reality, imaginary, or somewhere in between. My work is often layered with expressions of longings for these dreams and memories of place. Under the vibrant colors dark themes emerge. Any darkness is challenged into a place of happiness with femininity, compassion, and sexuality.


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Orange Shotgun
Lyla Clayre Illustration / Painting
Lyla Clayre
Visibly Sound Jazz
Jon Guillaume Illustration
Jon Guillaume
New Dress
Alexandra Kilburn Illustration / Painting
Alexandra Kilburn
Stowaway 1
Michael McManus Illustration
Michael McManus
T.D.B.C Presents: RIP Jeffrey Cook
Dapper Bruce Lafitte Illustration
Dapper Bruce Lafitte
Mother and Child
Brandy Dufrene Photography / Illustration
Brandy Dufrene
Award Certificate
Sondra Venable Works on Paper / Prints / Calligraphy / Illustration
Sondra Venable
Divine Ground
Greg Giegucz Clayhead Studio
Illustration / Works on Paper / Prints
Greg Giegucz
The Mourning After
Carlos Mendieta Illustration
Carlos Mendieta
Faubourg Marigny
Nurhan Gokturk Illustration / Painting
Nurhan Gokturk
Naturia Piper
Leeaux . Illustration / Painting
Leeaux .
Seekers of Light
Kate Hanrahan Illustration / Mixed Media / Painting
Kate Hanrahan
Smiling Whale
Maggie Covert LeBlanc WalkingMan Studios
Maggie Covert LeBlanc

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