Danielle Shubert

Artist + Danielle Shubert

Curiosity has driven nearly every aspect of my existence. I have an immense fascination with the natural world that fuels my motivation to create, learn and understand. I'm on an epic quest to visually document the things on this planet that make the world interesting; what makes people different, how people live, how we're similar and what could be learned from it all. You can call me a photographer, but I'm not as interested in taking your picture as I am interested in capturing who you are. I make compositional photographs as a means to satisfy my urge to create visually compelling documentations to describe an aspect of culture, examine the beauty of science, and ultimately share my lens of compassion, understanding, and innate worldly intrigue with others.


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We are a community of New Orleans visual artists. We are painters, sculptors, fashion & jewelry designers.
We are craftsman and metal workers, illustrators and printmakers.
We make and create original & one of a kind artworks handcrafted right here in New Orleans.

Mother and Child
Brandy Dufrene Photography / Illustration
Brandy Dufrene
Daniel Farrow's Saxophone (Limited Edition)
Tomas Orihuela Photography
Tomas Orihuela
Tinroom Art Photography Tinroom Photography
Tinroom Art Photography
Thank Your Lucky Stars & Clover
Natasha Sanchez Photography
Natasha Sanchez
Spy Boy Shaudy
Jamell Tate Photography
Jamell Tate
Dancing Through the Rain
David Joshua Jennings Photography
David Joshua Jennings
Callie Joseph Photography
Callie Joseph
St. Charles Ave. Streetcars
Alex Demyan Photography
Alex Demyan
Andy Levin Photography
Andy Levin
The Saenger
Debbie Willson Photography
Debbie Willson
Eric J. Nunez Photography
Eric J. Nunez
September 23, 2018 (c)
Nicholas Pechon Photography
Nicholas Pechon
Rush Jagoe Photography
Rush Jagoe
Festival des Acadiens
Devin De Wulf Folk / Outsider Art / Painting / Photography
Devin De Wulf
Tulip & Peonies
Theresa Cassagne Photography
Theresa Cassagne
Light, Lines, and Shadows
André Courville Photography
André Courville
Alan Zakem Zakem Art
Alan Zakem
UNPUBLISH Metatron Monarch Medallion
Muffin Bernstein Photography
Muffin Bernstein
Saint Vincent
Vincente Weber Photography
Vincente Weber
Soul's Seafood
David Armentor Photography
David Armentor

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