Jason David White

Artist + Jason David White

I was born and raised New Orleans. Early on, I was heavily inspired by my dad, an avid street and portrait photographer. He taught me about light and composition. He also taught me the value of patience and to do whatever it takes to get the shot.

I went on to attend Ben Franklin High School and studied photography at Louisiana State University. My work has appeared in Tulane Medical Magazine, 2016-2017, as well as A Day in the World [2012] and its traveling exhibition, 2012-2013, Kulturhuset - Stockholm, Sweden, Världskulturmuseet - Gothenburg, Sweden, Dunkers Kulturhus - Helsingborg, Sweden, History Museum of Bosnia and Hercegovina - Sarajevo, Bosnia and Hercegovina; and Dag Hammarskjöld Plaza - New York City, NY. Photography exhibitions also include Contemporary Antiques, 2012 - 2013, in New Orleans, LA, and Louisiana Culture Exhibition, 2014, at the Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow House of Photography - Moscow, Russia.


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We are a community of New Orleans visual artists. We are painters, sculptors, photographers & illustrators.
We are craftsmen and metal workers, printmakers and textile artists.
We make and create original & one of a kind artworks handcrafted right here in New Orleans.

Photographs: Dreamscape
Brandy Dufrene Photography / Illustration
Brandy Dufrene
Somewhere Louisiana
Vincente Weber Photography
Vincente Weber
Tinroom Art Photography Tinroom Photography
Tinroom Art Photography
Festival des Acadiens
Devin De Wulf Folk / Outsider Art / Painting / Photography
Devin De Wulf
Rain Garden, Elephant Ear
Natasha Sanchez Photography
Natasha Sanchez
Butterfly Tessellation Look & Breathe Series 2
Muffin Bernstein Photography
Muffin Bernstein
Callie Joseph Photography
Callie Joseph
Andy Levin Photography
Andy Levin
Into the Mystic
Debbie Willson Photography
Debbie Willson
May 25, 2018
Nicholas Pechon Photography
Nicholas Pechon
Super Tramp
Jamell Tate Photography
Jamell Tate
Cypress Reflections
Margaret Crosby Photography
Margaret Crosby
Billie Eilish
Erika Goldring Photography
Erika Goldring
Dry Cypress Bayou
Rush Jagoe Photography
Rush Jagoe
The Great Blue, in Violet
Jenny Adams Photography
Jenny Adams
Sunday Footwork at Baby's Snacks
David Joshua Jennings Photography
David Joshua Jennings
New Orleans Silhouette
Alex Demyan Photography
Alex Demyan

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