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I have been in the Art Industry for many years. As a young boy, I was intrigued by the bright colors of Blaine Kern's Mardi Gras floats. I have drawn and painted for as long as I can remember. I pursued my art dream and graduated from Delgado Community College in 1991 with an Associate’s Degree in Graphic Design and Memphis College of Art in 1993 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts.

I have taught for over 16 years in the Jefferson Parish School System, and I own an Art Studio/Gallery in Old Gretna, Keith Eccles Illustration & Design Studio, LLC, where all of my work can be viewed and purchased. I also offer summer camp for children, as well as adult painting classes. I have participated in extensive fundraising projects throughout the New Orleans Area. I was selected as one of the 12 artists in the Jefferson Parish Oyster Trail project. My oyster was painted for and now stands outside of Gattusso’s Restaurant in Old Gretna. I was selected and participated in the 2014 Artist as Entrepreneur Program. I have also participated as a vendor in the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival.

I have donated countless pieces of original art and innumerable hours of time for fundraising activities, including, but not limited to numerous schools and churches, Paws for the Cause, WDSU Shrimp Boot Raffle in 2010, Truman High School gym floor (as part of the NFL Play60 program), Hope Haven (painted pew and mentoring students) and many more. My most recent contribution (over 100 hours) was the 16ft by 100ft mural I painted in the Gretna Boys and Girls Club gym as part of the LeBron James/Sprite Foundation refurbishment during the NBA Allstar weekend held here in New Orleans in February 2014. I have inspired and touched the lives of countless students throughout my years as a teacher. I received Teacher of the Year three times – 2003, 2006 & 2009 - while a teacher at L.W. Higgins High School, as well as Outstanding Educator. I was nominated, chosen & Inducted into Delgado Community College’s first “Circle of Excellence” – a distinguished group of Delgado graduates who have gone above and beyond in their respective fields of work. I was chosen to paint and present to President Obama in the Oval Office in 2009 the Zulu Coconut that commemorated his inauguration and the 100-year celebration of the Zulu organization. My picture with President Obama & Senator Mary Landrieu currently hangs in the West Wing of the White House. My artwork has been exhibited throughout the United States – including, but not limited to, Los Angeles, Memphis, Washington, D.C. and New Orleans. I designed the new Command Coin for the Navy Cargo Handling Battalion Thirteen – Department of Navy and received a Letter of Appreciation from the Commanding Officer. Coins were presented to the Battalion while serving our country in Iraq. I have received the key to the City of Gretna for serving as the Grand Marshal of Grela in 2011. I also received recognition from Senator Heitmeier and Councilman Chris Roberts for my various contributions over the years. My motto has always been “imagine yourself in art.”

Keith Eccles is a New Orleans artist living and working in Old Gretna (also near to the Algiers Point area.)


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Pioneer Portrait of Alvin (Barna Black series)
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Okra Farms: Lower 9th Ward, New Orleans, LA
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