Alexandra  Kilburn

Artist + Alexandra Kilburn

I am a painter, muralist, illustrator and designer. I am originally from Atlanta but have lived and/or studied fine art in several different cities including Prague, Boston, Chicago, New York, Halifax, Cape Town and New Orleans. Each place has contributed invaluable inspiration for which I will be forever grateful. In addition to working in my studio, I currently teach visual arts at an elementary school level for the Community Works non-profit program here in New Orleans.

My present studio practice is split between two series. The first consists of creating layered oil paintings on panel and canvas. I have been exploring a body of paintings, which I call "Where-Scapes". They are essentially imaginary landscapes. My intent is to create a space that lingers between worlds and inspires a sense of curiosity. I am attempting to explore the dualism of absence and presence, where a human imprint is felt in an ethereal space and light emerges from darkness.

The second series I have been working on are small imaginary deities painted on salvaged wood found around New Orleans. They are inspired by the spirituality and colorful nature of the crescent city, elements of medieval iconography, Russian nesting dolls, contemporary street art and American folk art. They are a release for me to make, a space to play with color and pattern. They are intended to bring good energy.

Alexandra Kilbrun is a New Orleans artist living and working in the French Quarter.



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