meet the artists

We are a community of New Orleans visual artists. We are painters, sculptors, fashion & jewelry designers.
We are craftsman and metal workers, illustrators and printmakers.
We make and create original & one of a kind artworks handcrafted right here in New Orleans.

Lionel Milton Elleone
Painting / Street Art
Lionel Milton
Nine Muses Etched Cuff Bracelet in Sterling Silver
Brandi Couvillion Fashion / Jewelry / Wearable Art
Brandi Couvillion
Porcelain Noodle Bowl
Karin Burt The London Clayworks
Karin Burt
Proximity in Green & Yellow
Hilary Dugas Printmaking
Hilary Dugas
Adorned One
Lori Sperier Mixed Media / Painting
Lori Sperier
The Immortal
Leeaux 3 Illustration / Painting
Leeaux 3
Audiowood Barky Turntable
Joel Scilley Audiowood
Home Décor / Wood Working
Joel Scilley
A Lady's Many Crowns, BPB
D. Lammie-Hanson Painting
D.  Lammie-Hanson
Eric J. Nunez Photography
Eric J.  Nunez
Ascension Original Framed Painting
Nancy Wolfe Kimberly Gator Girl Art
Folk / Outsider Art / Mixed Media / Painting
Nancy Wolfe Kimberly
Red Loops
Addison Yerger Addison Yerger Photography
Addison Yerger
Blue Boy
Debbie Willson Photography
Debbie Willson
Harriet I
Holly Heine Mixed Media
Holly Heine
UNPUBLISH Leather Jacket with Pony Sleeve
Anne Cassidy C.Major (nola)
Anne Cassidy
5" x 7" Striped Frame
David Bergeron Bergeron Woodworks
Home Décor / Up-cycled / Wood Working / Furniture Design
David Bergeron
Kate Hanrahan Illustration / Mixed Media / Painting
Kate Hanrahan
Pidgeontown Steppers
Stephanie Reed Painting
Stephanie Reed
Michael Biros Illustration
Michael Biros
Birds in Paradise - Framed
Frances Swigart Atelier Frances Swigart
Printmaking / Etching/Sewing
Frances Swigart
Pineapple 52
Drew Cooke Mixed Media / Painting
Drew Cooke
Saegan Swanson Painting
Saegan Swanson
Sunset Over the Mountains
Therese Baldo Painting
Therese Baldo
Flying Fish I
George Dolgy Painting
George Dolgy
Neighborhood Committee
Ember Soberman Mixed Media / Painting
Ember Soberman
Cast Gator Tooth Necklace
Ashley Porter Porter Lyons
Fashion / Jewelry / Wearable Art
Ashley Porter
Shotgun in Treme
Hope Parker Queen Hope Poetic Art
Hope  Parker
Bio City World Map
Nurhan Gokturk Illustration / Painting
Nurhan Gokturk
Alan Zakem Zakem Art
Alan Zakem
Creative Cave of Infinity
Elizabeth Eckman Sculpture
Elizabeth Eckman
Camel Line
Callie Joseph Photography
Callie Joseph
Reeling and Unreeling (2)
Catherine Nelson Works on Paper / Prints / Printmaking / Drawing
Catherine Nelson
Award Certificate
Sondra Venable Illustration / Works on Paper / Prints / Calligraphy
Sondra Venable
Tiger Lilly
Lauren Schonekas Construct Jewelry
Jewelry / Up-cycled
Lauren Schonekas
Universal Woman
Jamar Pierre Art by J. Pierre
Jamar Pierre
Fluorite Leaf Necklace
Catherine DeYoung Catherine DeYoung Enamels
Catherine DeYoung
Lesser Evil
Gabriel Flores New Orleans Paint and Design
Painting / Street Art
Gabriel Flores
Meghan Methe Painting
Meghan Methe
Tama Distler Bead Art
Tama Distler
Pizazz and All That Jazz
Darlene Langendonk Art Impressions
Darlene Langendonk
The letter E
Jon Guillaume Illustration
Jon Guillaume
Limited Edition Where Y’Art Tie-Dye Tank
Wear Y'Art Where Y'Art
Wearable Art
Wear  Y'Art
Star Struck
Mike Williamson Painting
Mike  Williamson
Jade Live Oak Necklace
Renee Dodge Jewelry / Metal
Renee Dodge
Dr. John The Nite Tripper
Erika Goldring Photography
Erika Goldring
Scarab Beetle Necklace
Rebecca Bordelon Valois Designs
Rebecca Bordelon
New Dress
Alexandra Kilburn Illustration / Painting
Alexandra  Kilburn
"Violet Blue" homage to Billy Strayhorn
George McClements Painting
George McClements
Roads to Deliberate Dreams
Marcus Akinlana Mixed Media
Marcus  Akinlana
UNPUBLISH Metatron Monarch Medallion
Muffin Bernstein Photography
Muffin Bernstein
Clockwork Highstepper Earrings
Forrest Bacigalupi Arts Kinetic
Forrest Bacigalupi
City Park Magnolia
Ashley Merlin Photography
Ashley Merlin
Thank Your Lucky Stars & Clover
Natasha Sanchez Photography
Natasha Sanchez
John Flemming Flemming Studio
Costume Design
John Flemming
Jordan B. Wade Mixed Media / Painting
Jordan B. Wade
French Quarter
Connie Kittok Painting
Connie Kittok
Blue City
Chris Lawson Mixed Media
Chris Lawson
The Porch Project:  New Orleans Porch Portraits, the entire displayed collection
Danielle Shubert Photography / Photojournalism
Danielle  Shubert
Vincente Weber Photography
Vincente Weber
Art of Lust
Jill Shampine Textiles
Jill Shampine
Fancy Goblets
Teri Walker & Chad Ridgeway Ridgewalker Glass
Glassworks / Metal
Teri Walker & Chad Ridgeway
#Olive Board
Daren Sumrow Nola Boards
Wood Working
Daren Sumrow
Greg Giegucz Clayhead Studio
Illustration / Works on Paper / Prints
Greg Giegucz
Trumpet Lamp
Wyoming Quinn & Scott Greenfield Pompadour Productions
Home Décor
Wyoming Quinn & Scott Greenfield
Devin DeWulf Photography / Folk / Outsider Art / Painting
Devin DeWulf
Foggy French Quarter
Alex Demyan Photography
Alex Demyan
Really Bad Night Out
Leroy Miranda Jr. Painting
Leroy Miranda Jr.
No Way Out But Through
Sean Randall Painting
Sean Randall
Road to Dharamsala
Louise Guidry Painting / Printmaking / Encaustic / Monotype
Louise Guidry
Public Works Mural, San Francisco, CA
Jeremy Novy Jeremy Novy Stencils
Street Art
Jeremy Novy
The Bluesman
Keith Eccles Keith Eccles Illustration & Design Studio, LLC
Keith Eccles
Nefertari: the One for Whom the Sun Shines
Gavin Jones Illustration
Gavin Jones
Foundations #1
Tony Hollums Painting
Tony Hollums
Print - "Butts"
Kersey Barrett-Tormey Painting / Drawing
Kersey Barrett-Tormey
Dancing Ground
Connor McManus Mixed Media / Painting
Connor McManus
The Only Hill on Chartres
Sarah Nelson Sarah Nelson Fine Art
Sarah Nelson
Just Passing Through
Jono Goodman Printmaking
Jono Goodman
Infinite Sadness
Jeremy Paten Mixed Media / Painting
Jeremy Paten
Spacepod Mirror
Caitlin Waugh Paraph
Glassworks / Metal / Mixed Media / Sculpture / Wood Working
Caitlin Waugh
Kel Mur Kel Mur Art
Photography / Mixed Media / Painting
Kel Mur
Bayou Maharajah (Limited Edition Print)
Cheryl Anne Grace Painting
Cheryl Anne Grace
Notable Increase Reception
Patty West Elstrott Painting
Patty West Elstrott
Tish Douzart Works on Paper / Prints / Printmaking
Tish Douzart
Triangular Be You Sheet Music Earrings
Emily McDonald Coralie Jewelry
Accessories / Jewelry
Emily McDonald
Jean Lafitte
Debbie Boyd Painting
Debbie Boyd
While the Mississippi Sleeps
Rebecca McNeill Meyers Photography
Rebecca McNeill Meyers
Taurus Da Bull Presents: Dapper Bruce is My Name
Dapper Bruce Lafitte Illustration
Dapper Bruce Lafitte
Uncle Lionel's Birthday Suit
Andy Levin Photography
Andy Levin
Daya Naef Illustration / Mixed Media / Painting
Daya Naef
Moon River
Anne Blenker Painting
Anne Blenker
Splendid I
Kris Muntan Painting
Kris Muntan
Untitled 5 from the 700 Club
Jessica Strahan JHand Paints
Jessica Strahan
Miss Magnolia (Turquoise Torso)
Amy Harvie Mixed Media / Painting / Sculpture
Amy Harvie

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