Connor McManus

Artist + Connor McManus

Connor McManus is a New Orleans-based artist from Lafayette. He got his start in the Lafayette Parish Arts Academy and went on to study at Brown University, graduating with Honors in Visual Art and Urban Studies. Since 2013, he has split his time between painting and working as a graphic and architectural designer at Concordia, an architecture and planning firm.

Connor’s artwork is inspired by the forms repeated throughout nature – the structures of trees, rivers, and plant leaves; the grown networks of cities as seen from above; and the beautiful harmonics found in color, sacred geometry, and music. His other interests include learning about world religions, gardening, building furniture, mixing sample-based music, rock climbing, and traveling. He lives with his wife and their three cats in a century-old house in Uptown New Orleans, where the five of them bond over reruns of Game of Thrones.



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