7 point star with Monarch
Resurrection Fern
$240.00 Emma Fick
LaSalle - Photo Weave in Reclaimed Wood Frame 
Audiowood Black Barky Turntable
$2,500.00 Joel Scilley
Threesome Accent Lamp/Chandelier
$370.00 Joel Scilley
Wood Working

Featured Portfolios

Rebecca Birtel Madura Painting
Rebecca Birtel Madura
Structured, 2017 $650.00 Rebecca Birtel Madura
Sentimental, 2017 $500.00 Rebecca Birtel Madura
Continuing to Unfold
Continuing to Unfold, 2016 $600.00 Rebecca Birtel Madura
Emily McDonald Coralie Jewelry
Accessories / Jewelry
Emily McDonald
Bayou Sauvage Map Necklace in Blue
Bayou Sauvage Map Necklace in Blue, 2017 $24.00 Emily McDonald
Love Song Necklace
Love Song Necklace, 2017 $24.00 Emily McDonald
Triangular Be You Sheet Music Earrings
Triangular Be You Sheet Music Earrings, 2015 $24.00 Emily McDonald
Renee Dodge Jewelry / Metal
Renee Dodge
Oak Tree Pin - Moss Agate
Oak Tree Pin - Moss Agate, 2017 $130.00 Renee Dodge
Oak Tree Pin - Chrysoprase
Oak Tree Pin - Chrysoprase, 2017 $160.00 Renee Dodge
Luscious Long Earrings
Luscious Long Earrings, 2017 $60.00 Renee Dodge

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